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  • Girl on a Flying Sheep

    Girl on a Flying Sheep

    For several years (yes, years) I’ve been wanting to do a children’s book for my oldest daughter. I want to write one for both of them, but this idea actually came about before my second daughter was born or even conceived. Anyway, for various reasons I’ve not done it, so recently I decided it was…

  • Giant Confusion

    Giant Confusion

    A new drawing for Illustration Friday.  This week’s theme is “tall.” This work was done using Procreate on the new iPad, with a bamboo stylus.

  • Chasing Fireflies

    Did this for Illustration Friday.  I don’t totally like the way the silhouette of the girl (who happens to my oldest daughter, Cambria) turned out, but I suppose it’ll do. I did this mostly using Inkscape, but the silhouette of Cambria was done with paper, pen & pencil – then scanned and brought over into…