• The Most Biblical Scene In Lord Of The Rings

    The Most Biblical Scene In Lord Of The Rings

    I’m currently working my way through the Lord of the Rings books, and have also found myself watching the movies several times since the beginning of the year. Tolkien’s story is simply a masterpiece, and I believe the movies do a wonderful job of capturing…

  • The Myth Of Unending Progress

    The Myth Of Unending Progress

    The last 100 years have seen more technological, medical, and scientific advancements than probably all of the prior centuries of human civilization combined. In less than 150 years, we went from most people traveling on animals to being able to fly thousands of people across…

  • Future Light In Present Darkness

    Future Light In Present Darkness

    The speed of light is approximately 186,000 miles per second – a speed impossible to wrap our minds around. But the universe is massive on a scale that makes even such incomprehensible speed seem somehow not fast enough. For example, the sun is around 93…

  • You Are Being Formed

    You Are Being Formed

    When children are young, we recognize how impressionable they are. Children pick up the world around them like sponges, and often regurgitate whatever they have been soaking in. If they see smiles, they give smiles. If they hear foul language, they speak foul language. Their…

  • Spiritual Formation In A Secular World

    Spiritual Formation In A Secular World

    I recently read some comments from Tim Keller on modern secularism, and how it is now seeking to evangelize Christians. Keller points out that children need to be inoculated against secular thinking, because we’re now surrounded by this evangelizing force in our daily lives: “We…

  • New Growth

    New Growth

    We’ve recently been visiting my wife’s family in New Hampshire, and as we often do, we spent some time during our trip camping in the White Mountains. I’m always grateful to get out into nature for a bit (especially in a place that gets no…

  • The Ordinary and Extraordinary Calling of God

    The Ordinary and Extraordinary Calling of God

    Scripture is filled with stories of an extraordinary God doing extraordinary things through ordinary people. Or so we might say – but were they really that ordinary? Certainly they were human – flesh and blood – just like us. Yet, we recognize that in many…

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