Category: Apologetics

  • The Myth Of Unending Progress

    The Myth Of Unending Progress

    The last 100 years have seen more technological, medical, and scientific advancements than probably all of the prior centuries of human civilization combined. In less than 150 years, we went from most people traveling on animals to being able to fly thousands of people across the oceans each day and even land people on the…

  • Jesus’ Resurrection: Traditional vs. Transitional

    Jesus’ Resurrection: Traditional vs. Transitional

    Introduction One of my favorite topics to study in the Bible is the resurrection of Jesus. Of course, it is central to our faith, so that makes sense. However, both personally and academically, the study holds great interest to me, especially in regards to its historicity. My final paper in grad school was on the…

  • Foreign Languages & Foreign Ideas

    Foreign Languages & Foreign Ideas

    I have learned two foreign languages in my life. The first was French which I studied all the way through both high school and college. I even spent a semester abroad in Belgium, where I worshiped with a French speaking church. The second I learned as an adult, when my family moved to Japan. Although…