Category: Photography

  • Metal Bricks

    They’re not really metal, but the rain kind of gave them that feel in my mind.  Maybe I should have swept off the leaves.  Oh well, I can always go back later.

  • The Old Man Is Snoring

    … the old man is snoring. I find that old man looks increasingly like me.  But that’s probably just the weather talking.

  • Hanging Onions

    Japanese onions are delicious.  Especially when they’re hanging up.  And you steal them.  Just kidding – I didn’t steal any.  But they are quite tasty; which is good, because they use them in everything.

  • More From Kintai!

    Had a little time to work on some more photos over the last day, so thought I’d share some others I took. I really like this one: I wasn’t as happy with the following one.  But maybe you’ll like it more! And finally, for good measure – a photo of my beautiful little girl crossing…

  • Kintai Bridge

    One of my favorite childhood memories is hanging around the Kintai bridge in Iwakuni, Japan.  I lived there as a child, and in fact was baptized only a few hundred meters down the river from this bridge.  So the area has very special meaning for me.  I was blessed to get to visit there again…

  • Old Japanese House

    Took a (long) walk in Chayamachi today … came across this old house.  Not my favorite photo ever, but I thought I would share anyway. I’m not sure if I like the color or b&w best:   And just for fun – a weird version.  Kind of a shout out to Adult Swim’s various backgrounds….

  • Japanese Graffiti

    Well, I’m not sure it’s “graffiti” exactly, at least in the sense of being vandalism, but it’s the kind of art style: This graffiti painting is of komainu (at least I think it is).  These are lion-dog statues that stand at the entrance to many Buddhist temples here in Japan.  This drawing is at a…