After a week or so of incompetent coding on my part, and the help of a couple of friends, is ready to launch!

What is this “Head of Leslie” you may ask? This is a place where I am able to streamline all of my creative work.  Photography, illustrations, and music – all of my public creative endeavors will be accessible from this site.  And of course, there will be blog entries galore with little things here and there to keep up to date with.  I might share a picture I took recently, or a sketch from the sketchpad, or lyrics to a song (maybe even a recording now and then!), or maybe just a short thought on something that has especially struck me as interesting.  So this isn’t just a website to link to other work I’m doing – it’s a site all of it’s own as well!

To give you a little more information, there are a two sets of tabs – some tabs at the top of the page and some tabs to the right of the page.  The tabs at the top of the page link to my photography, illustrations, and music (from left to right).  The tabs to the right allow you to follow me on twitter, facebook, or subscribe to this blog’s feed via RSS.  And if you’re ever somewhere else on this site and want to head back to the main page, just click on my little peeking head – I’m always there to guide you back home!

I hope you will enjoy this website as it develops, and feel free to tell your friends about it! (please?)

I look forward to lots of posts and maybe some good conversation from time to time here.  Until then, happy viewing!


P.S.  There might still be some kinks here and there with the site.  I am by no means anywhere close to capable at coding – I had a lot of help from my friends Mike and Ethan on figuring some things out, so a big shout out to them for their help with the site!  But if you do see something that is particularly disturbing, please let me know (and preferably tell me how to easily fix it!).

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