House Cutaway

I drew and colored this during the last week for this coming month’s theme at the Hoikuen where I teach English.  The theme for the month is “at home”, so I thought it would be nice to teach them about the rooms of a house.  I’m not as happy with this as I could be, but I will say that for drawing and inking it on my desk at work, and coloring in photoshop on a Japanese computer at work w/o the assistance of my Wacom tablet, I think it turned out pretty good.

I wouldn't mind living in this house … if it had straighter lines.

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7 responses to “House Cutaway”

  1. Megan Crossley Avatar
    Megan Crossley

    I really love your picture of a cut-away house, I’m looking for a picture like this to use with my cadet groups to get them to identify where smoke alarms go. I’m no good at drawing, would it be ok to use your picture please?



  2. Susan Avatar

    Leslie, we are printing a mailer for a handyman service and would like to use your house illustration. We think it is perfect for the project. How much are you charging for use of the original art file?

  3. Tyler Phillips Avatar
    Tyler Phillips


    Would you be interested in doing some variations of your house cutaway for a commercial packaging project I need help with.



  4. Debbie Chase Avatar
    Debbie Chase

    This is a superb picture! May I use it for a test I’m writing for my Spanish class? I need it next week. Thanks! deb 🙂

  5. Julie Avatar

    I am writing a science test for types of energy (I work for a school district so it will not be sold or use for any other use other than educational), is it okay to use this image?

  6. Linda Zornik Avatar
    Linda Zornik

    Your picture is great! I’m looking for something to use in revising an online German class. May I use your picture for a hot-spot interactivity where students click on the place where they see the word they read?

  7. Steve Vogel Avatar

    Hello. I would like to use your picture for presentations I do as a home inspector. Would I be allowed to use it? If a purchase price, how much?

    Thank you

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