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  • Yours Truly

    Took this photo tonight while out doing some photography of the Seto-Ohashi Bridge at sunset.  It was actually quite the challenge to get from the camera to the ledge in time without falling to my demise.               By the way – stay tuned for some of the photos I…

  • Seto Ohashi Bridge & Shimotsui

    Back when the Herrington family was with us, Paul and I went up Washuzan Mountain one evening and Paul was gracious enough to lend me his tripod that night.  Anyway, got this picture that evening and really liked it.  I desperately hope I can go back up there one evening – maybe when the bridge…

  • Bikan Bridge 2.0

    The more I looked at it, the less happy I was with the original picture from the Bikan Quarter I put up here.  So, I did it over, and I think this one looks a bit better.  Hope you think so too!