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  • Giant Confusion

    Giant Confusion

    A new drawing for Illustration Friday.  This week’s theme is “tall.” This work was done using Procreate on the new iPad, with a bamboo stylus.

  • Flying Bunk Bed

    Did this for Illustration Friday – this week’s theme is “launch.”  Inspired by my two little girls and Little Nemo (of no relation to Finding Nemo – and in my opinion, a better movie). I really hate the way the coloring worked out but (a) I “scanned” the drawing using my Nikon DSLR and (b)…

  • House Cutaway

    I drew and colored this during the last week for this coming month’s theme at the Hoikuen where I teach English.  The theme for the month is “at home”, so I thought it would be nice to teach them about the rooms of a house.  I’m not as happy with this as I could be,…

  • Girl in Overall Dress Sketch

    Sketch I did this afternoon – I love having days off! For a while now (much longer than it should be) I have been working on a children’s book.  I have redrawn some of the characters a number of different times, and this is an effort I undertook today to see if I could do…